Groundwork Screenshots

Groundwork Screenshots

Groundwork needs no introduction. Let's jump right into the good stuff:

The add account panel lets you add your Basecamp credentials to Groundwork so you don't need to keep entering it into Groundwork everytime you launch the app. Groundwork lets you add multiple Basecamp accounts, so you can manage as many accounts as you have to.
The project panel gives you a ton of options for browsing all of your projects. View a global overview like you see when you login to Basecamp, or quickly find your projects.
When you select a project, you see the very familiar dashboard which gives you a brief overview of everything that is going on.
Quickly access messages and sort by category to find the ones that matter to you.
Full message support is built right into Groundwork. You can see messages just as they were meant to be viewed.
A quick tap of the message header brings up the comments for the message.
Create a new message directly from Groundwork.
View upcoming, late and completed milestones right from your iPhone. Check or uncheck them and even read comments associated with them.
Read and post comments for the various milestones under your account.
What would Basecamp be without ToDos. Groundwork has great ToDo support built in. Read ToDos, check them as finished, comment about ones or even post new ToDos and ToDo Lists.
Viewing a ToDo List allows you to post new ToDos, edit old ones or comment.
See a nice view of comments with the tap of a ToDo.
View your contacts and even track your time too!


Groundwork Features

Groundwork Features

General Features

  • Account Overview
  • Multiple Basecamp Accounts
  • SSL Support


  • View/Add Messages
  • View/Add Comments
  • Full Textile Support
  • Attachment Support

ToDo Lists

  • View ToDo Lists
  • Check/UnCheck Items
  • Add ToDo List
  • Add ToDo Item
  • Add Comments


  • View Milestones
  • Mark as Complete/Incomplete
  • Add Comments


  • View Contacts
  • Tap-to-Call
  • Tap-to-Email

Time Tracking

  • Log Time
  • View Existing Logs