Reader Screenshots

Reader Screenshots

Reader is an advanced, yet simple, news feed reader for the iPhone. Reader offers some great features and an intuitive user interface to go along with it.

Quickly browse your feeds and articles from one merged view with a few sorting options.
Use the handy "Category Selector" to drill down to a specfic category on the overview page.
Reader updates your feeds every 15 minutes and uses tons of optimization to ensure this process is as fast as possible.
Browsing your feeds by category makes it easy to find only what you want to read.
Keep all of your feeds organized in categories and sort them however you'd like.
See your most read/favorite feeds quickly.
Did you want to read something again or show a friend later? Just mark it as a favorite and you can quickly find it again.
Add feeds to Reader, directly from your device.
Import your feeds from the web's most popular feed readers.
Search for your feed instead of typing in the full URL.
Read articles quickly in a clean and formatted view.
Or read articles directly from their originating websites, all without leaving Reader.
Quickly identify your feeds, sorted by category.
Feeds can be sorted in a variety of ways.


Reader Features

Reader Features


  • Browse all of your news items or categorize them.
  • View all of your feeds or filter through them.
  • Switch categories with ease.


  • Supports most ATOM/RSS Feed Formats
  • Sort by News Items, Date or Name.
  • Icon support for a "Quick ID" of your favorite feeds.
  • Unread Indicators let you know what you're missing.
  • Mark All Read/Unread with a tap.
  • Exclude certain feeds from your overview.

Reading News Items

  • Open news "on the website", without leaving Reader.
  • View images in the feed without opening Safari.
  • Send a friend an email with the story link.

Adding Feeds

  • Search for Feeds with Google
  • Import feeds/categories from your Netvibes account.
  • Import feeds/tags from your Google Reader account.
  • Import feeds/pages from your My Yahoo! account.